Was That Wonho Spotted In MONSTA X Recent Video? Fans Divided Over The Beautiful Possibility


MONSTA X eagle-eyed fans think they’ve spotted Wonho in the group’s latest dance practice video.

On January 15, MONSTA X dropped a silly video but something attracted fans’ attention, a man wearing a grey sweater in the background.

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The video was captioned with,

“Happy birthday. From now on, practice harder so you won’t get the choreo wrong. Hyungwon, if you don’t make more than five mistakes this year, I will congratulate you on your birthday next year, fighting.”

Fans have noticed the man in the grey sweater, the video is shaky and not as clear but some fans were pointing out the possibility that it could be Wonho and that he’s around the boys.

MONSTA X fans were heavily against Starship decision to terminate Wonho’s contract and they also heavily opposed the decision to remove Wonho from the group. All of this started after allegations of his serious run-ins as a minor with the law were published online, nothing has been proven but many fans believe the decision was done hastily and many had petitioned to keep Wonho in the group.

While some are sure its Wonho in the background, others think its another MONSTA X member of an old video when Wonho was still in the group.

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Check out some fans’ reactions to the recent video:

Do you think that’s Wonho?



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