Was BLACKPINK Jisoo Ignored By Adidas? Why Fans Trended #Adidastreatjisoobetter On Twitter

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BLINKs aren’t exactly happy after seeing the promotional material of BLACKPINK for Adidas!

BLACKPINK were among many international stars who featured for Adidas new campaign “Change is a Team Sport” alongside Kpop idol GOT7 member Jackson as well. However, when promotional photos featuring BLACKPINK were released, some BLINKs were disappointed.

For starters, while all the other BLACKPINK members got three promotional photos released, Jisoo only had one. Jisoo didn’t even make it to their website while the other BLACKPINK members did. Some fans also believe she was barely there in the new campaign CF.

BLINKs are upset that Jisoo is always underappreciated and not highlighted enough, this is why they trended #Adidastreatjisoobetter to ask Adidas to release the rest of Jisoo’s material and to include her in the website.

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Here is what fans think about this:

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Check out BLACKPINK in Adidas ad below:

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In related news, according to Billboard, the “Change is a Team Sport” film will be unveiled in its entirety during the Grammy Awards. BTS is set to perform at the ceremony.

Do you think it’s an issue? Do you think Jisoo should be treated better?

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