Veteran Korean Actor Park Young Gyu Criticized For Announcing His Fourth Marriage


Veteran Korean Actor Park Young Gyu has tied the knot for the fourth time.

On January 2, Park Young Gyu’s agency announced through an official statement that the actor held a private wedding on December 25 of 2019 with close family and friends.

Park Young Gyu was interviewed by news outlet eDaily, he explained that he’s been receiving congratulatory messages after the news of his marriage was announced but he’s also been seeing negative comments on some articles, he felt sad about reading those comments.

He also explained,

“My wife and I met through a mutual acquaintance and we ended up getting married, she runs a small business.

We held our wedding ahead of the New Year, but we couldn’t do any special events because of my drama filming. When the filming is over and we have time, we’re planning on going on a trip together.

Everyone may have an opinion about me, but please refrain from criticizing me.”

The veteran actor debuted in 1985 and is currently starring in the drama “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life.”

What do you think of the criticism he’s been receiving?

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