TWICE Mina Is Reportedly Struggling With A Stalker So Dangerous That He Rang Her Doorbell And Talked To Her + Questioned By Police

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It seems that Mina is the next TWICE member to suffer from another stalking situation.

Previously, Nayeon had to deal with a very dangerous stalker who’s been trying to get close to her for months, he was able to see her on an airplane on January 1st, JYP had taken strict legal action against the stalker and filed a restraining order against him as well.

ONCE are now worried about Mina, they had recently discovered an anonymous user post on the website 4chan who is claiming very dangerous things, ONCE began reporting him to JYP. According to the user, he even knew where Mina lived and had ringed her doorbell and even spoke to her through the intercom; he had even left a love letter in her mailbox.

The user claims that he’s been questioned by police after Mina’s parents reported him, in his post he expressed his ‘disappointment’ in Mina for the way she treated him, he wrote,

“So I was just leaving the hotel and then the police stopped me and asked for my name and told me I will not be detained but if please I could go to the commissary and talk with them.

They took me in the car to the commissary and talked with me with a Spanish translator. They told me that Mina’s family is very scared of me. At that moment I was like… seriously?? Do I look like a murderer or something? They told me that I haven’t done anything illegal but I have to stop doing it. We had a conversation for like 4 hours telling them my reasons, how much I spent, how I found her, I even showed them the gifts I bought for Mina.

So I had to write on a paper like I’m not going to do that again and I’m free to go. They offered to take me to the airport when I leave. Was this really necessary, Mina? You could have just said “no” and I would have left. You’re scared of me? Am I a monster to you? If I really was a bad person I would leak your home address but I won’t because I’m a better person than you will ever be…

I only committed a crime of loving someone, ringing her doorbell and leaving love letter in the mailbox just to get completely ignored and call the police.”

The user is insisting that he’s done nothing wrong but Mina views him as ‘a monster,’ another user on the same site is claiming that he could’ve possibly put a GPS tracker on Mina’s father car and this is how he got managed to find their house. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

This information, although unconfirmed as of this writing, poses a huge threat to TWICE safety, a new possible stalker has gotten so close to Mina enough to track down her house locations, fans are deeply concerned about Mina’s wellbeing especially since we know that Mina is undergoing treatment for severe anxiety and is taking a hiatus from the group as a result.

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ONCE are afraid he’ll cause her harm and affect her recovery. Thus, various TWICE protection accounts have already began spreading the news asking ONCE to report to JYP official email.

What’s worrying ONCE, even more, is retaliation from that specific stalker; they’re afraid he’ll sell this information to other sasaengs or even expose the location of her parents’ house online.

There is a lot of gossip about this new potential stalker but since we don’t know what is true from what is false, for now, we’re reporting on the post written by him and discovered by ONCE.

Stay tuned for updates from JYP!

We hope that TWICE and Mina are okay and safe!

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