TWICE Members Look Visibly Uncomfortable & Frustrated When MC ‘Jokes’ About Heechul And Momo Relationship At The Seoul Music Awards


TWICE Members were not having it when MC Shin Dong Yup decided to joke about Heechul and Momo relationship.

The 29th Seoul Music Awards was held on January 30 and was attended by many idol groups including TWICE.

So many snippets of the show have been making headlines after the ceremony wrapped up and one of them centers around TWICE members’ reaction to something MC Shin Dong Yup mentioned during the ceremony.

The Seoul Music Awards was held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul and was hosted by MCs Shin Dong Yup, Jo Bo Ah, and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.

During a segment of the show, TWICE members looked visibly uncomfortable and annoyed when MC Shin Dong Yup implied that Heechul must be very happy to see a certain ‘someone’ at the event then paused and looked at TWICE’s table, Heechul looked obviously taken aback by the question asked ‘yes?,’ the MC then referred that ‘he must be happy to see…. his group Super Junior.’

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See the video:

Fans found this very distasteful on the MC part. TWICE members’ reactions during this segment was captured by a fan and it quickly spread through the internet going viral with the video garnering more than 700K views as of this writing.

Momo looked especially sad; Nayeon looked like she wasn’t having any of it, Dahyun smile slowly faded away as the MC uttered those lines.

Fans felt so bad for Momo who had to sit there and hear this, some began trending hashtags on twitter. Fans expressed their frustration with the MC in #RespectTwice #RespectMomo hashtags, here are some of their thoughts:

What do you think of this? Do you think it was appropriate or not?


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