TWICE Chaeyoung Has Had Enough, Posts A Stern Response After Nayeon Stalker Leaks Her Private Phone Number


TWICE Chaeyoung is very angry with the infamous stalker of Nayeon who had the audacity to actually leak her private phone number online.

The tweet was published by him for the entire world to see, he asked fans to message her a certain message and even revealed that her phone number is connected to her kakaotalk.

In response to the clear invasion of privacy, Chaeyoung took to her group’s Instagram to express her frustration with what had happened; she posted a warning for the stalker,

“I think I’ve reached my limit of silently waiting for people to step back and waiting for the right time.

When the 11 numbers that might not be meaningful were posted on the Internet through a single person with no consideration and respect, my cell phone was plastered with all sorts of phone calls and text messages, and I’m having trouble going through something I shouldn’t have to go through. These problems happen not only to me, but also to our precious members and many other idols in our agency.

I ask of you to think, even for just a moment, about how your calls and actions which you don’t put much thought into other than to package them and say it’s out of interest and love, it makes so many people feel exhausted, nervous and warn out.

And don’t you let your neat packaging bring bad name to the fans who send their love and support and love us in the right way.

I am not a person who gets easily shaken by such issues. I am writing you this because I am unable to hold back my anger. I just want to make sure that I properly conveyed that this is wrong. That it’s something you should be ashamed of.”

Following her statement, JYP released an official response to their blog. They revealed that such illegal leaking acquiring, and spreading personal information is a violation of the Personal Information Protection Act and may be subject to legal action.

They warned that they will be taking strict legal action against the person who originally posted the information to social media and explained that Chaeyoung is suffering and feels discomfort by the person who posted this online. JYP promised to do everything in their power to take legal action against such people.

Fans are extremely worried about Chaeyoung and the rest of TWICE members who continue to suffer from the stalker who refuses to step back or stop despite getting into so much trouble for doing these things.

Many ONCE began reporting what he did to JYP and that is how the news traveled fast. We hope that Chaeyoung is okay!

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