TREASURE 13 Already Lost A Member + More Drastic Changes Ahead Of Their Debut

The highly anticipated upcoming boy group from YG Entertainment, TREASURE 13, has announced drastic changes ahead of their debut.

YG Entertainment has released the full details regarding TREASURE 13 future to its blog on January 6 and its making headlines everywhere.

TREASURE 13 was originally a group created by YG Entertainment through a survival show “YG Treasure Box” that aired last year, the group was supposed to debut in July of 2019 but that didn’t happen due to the various controversies that YG Entertainment went through in 2019.

Fans finally have updates about the group and it’s garnering mixed responses.

The first huge update is that they’re no longer called TREASURE 13; instead, they will be called TREASURE from now on. They were originally split into two teams TREASURE 7 and MAGNUM 6, but from now on, they will be combined into one group called TREASURE.

YG announced TREASURE will greet fans through the group, until and solo promotions.

Added to that, Yang Hyun Suk had initially told fans that in order to decrease the time between music releases the group will not be pushed to participate in producing and writing their own music. This also changed, the group participated in the making of their music because their debut was delayed and their self-composed releases were met with high praise from fans.

The most drastic change is the fact that TREASURE has already lost a member before their debut, Ha Yoonbin has decided to leave YG and the group after he expressed that he wants to be a soloist, YG stated that he had a different musical direction in mind and after many discussions, YG has decided to let him go and terminated his contract as of December 31st, 2019.

And the best news is, the group will begin releasing material starting this month, January 2020. YG has told fans they will do their utmost efforts to ensure the group has a successful debut through many activities.

Check out their official social media accounts below:

What do you think of the drastic changes? Are you excited about TREASURE?

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  1. Good for them! These kids are very talented and deserves to be heard and share their music to the world, and I am not really surprise to know that they will participate in producing their own songs, YG artist are known to write their own songs, YG challenged them to write song lyrics everyday…


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