Top Actors Kang Dong Won, Cha Seung Won & Lee Sung Kyung Renewed Their Contracts With YG Entertainment


It’s been belatedly revealed that several top Korean actors have renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment.

The news became public on January 10; a source from YG confirmed that Kang Dong Won, Cha Seung Won, and Son Ho Jun had all renewed their contracts last year.

In another statement, YG also confirmed that model-turned-actress Lee Sung Kyung had also renewed her contract last year.

This comes as a shock to netizens after it was previously reported in mid-2019 that several top Korean actors were rumored to be looking for ways to leave YG due to its controversies.

YG houses some of the biggest Korean actors and actresses, some netizens were shocked by the news while other expected it. Lee Sung Kyung is currently starring in the popular drama “Dr. Romantic 2,” while Kang Dong Won is currently working on the film “Peninsula” while awaiting the release of his Hollywood movie “Tsunami LA.”

On the other hand, actor Son Ho Jun has recently confirmed to star in the upcoming JTBC drama “Did We Love?” While Cha Seung Won is currently filming the movie “Sinkhole.”

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