The Surprising Reason Why Actor Lee Yi Kyung Doesn’t Ever Invite BTS Jin To His Movie Premieres


Actor Lee Yi Kyung is one thoughtful friend!

Actor Lee Yi Kyung recently sat down for an interview with a news outlet ahead of his movie premiere “Hitman: Agent Jun,” he was asked about numerous things and one particular question and his answer to it made headlines.

Actor Lee Yi Kyung recently revealed that he’s good friends with BTS Jin and talked in detail about how they originally met and how they reunited as celebrities later in life at “Radio Star.”

During the interview, he was asked if he invites Jin to his movie premieres, he explained that he doesn’t and the reason is heartwarming and surprising,

“I know that BTS schedule is busy until next year. Jin is too kind so I don’t invite him because I worry he might not be able to reject [despite his hectic schedule].

If he also happens to have free time, he probably wants to rest, but he might feel pressure if I invite him, so I don’t contact him on purpose.”

ARMY couldn’t help but admire Lee Yi Kyung and how thoughtful he is of his friend.

In related news, “Hitman: Agent Jun” is set to premiere on January 22.

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