The Stalker Says Chaeyoung Is Wrong For Calling Him Out and He’s Done Nothing Wrong + Demands She Delete Her Post


Nayeon’s infamous stalker is not done with his posts harming TWICE and now that he’s receiving backlash and possibly legal repercussions, he’s shifting blame and accusing Chaeyoung and fans of being disrespectful.

Earlier today, the stalker had the audacity to actually post Chaeyoung’s private phone number to his public twitter account, he asked fans to send her messages written in Korean.

As soon as Chaeyoung found out, she posted a stern message warning him for being intrusive, later; JYP issued a response promising strict legal action against him for leaking her private information.

It seems that the stalker wasn’t happy to be called out on Chaeyoung’s post and at first; he blamed others for bothering Chaeyoung after he leaked her phone number, here is a tweet that he’s deleted since,

In a series of more tweets, the stalker continues to deny and shift blame from himself onto others, he says he didn’t intend for it to go this badly and that it’s not his fault for what happened after he posted her phone number.

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ONCE are actively reporting his account to JYP official email and hope the agency is planning strict legal action against him.

Here are some of his other tweets:

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