The Horrifying Story Of A First Generation Female Idol Who Got Kidnapped By A Sasaeng And How It Ended

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First generation idol, Lee Bon, has recently revealed something extremely shocking, she revealed she was once kidnapped by a male sasaeng in the mid-ate 1990s.

Lee Bon made an appearance on “Kim Soo Mi’s Did You Eat?,” during the show she revealed the horrific encounter with the sasaeng and how terrified she was. She explained that she was heading home after a long day of filming and that her manager had left beforehand to heat up the car.

She says that as she made her way down the long stairs but then she blacked out,

“I finished filming and was heading down the long stairway, but as I was getting close to the car… that’s as far as I remember.

The next day when I opened my eyes I realized that it wasn’t my room, I heard someone from outside room ask ‘why did you bring her here and cause this mess?’ then I realized that I had been kidnapped and that he may not want to harm me.

So I went outside the room and asked why they had kidnapped me. The kidnapper told me that his brother was a huge fan so he went overboard for him.”

She then talked about how she tried to befriend them, they showed her around their neighborhood and even had a meal together, the next day they drove her back to her apartment.

Lee Bon also revealed that the next day, he gifted her with a luxury sports car and in a letter inside the car, the fan proposed to her. She explained that she rejected him many times and that’s where it ended.

Lee Bon was a popular female singer in the 90s, she was known for being a great performer with great visuals.

You can check out the interview where she talks about this below:

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