Super Junior Shindong has been documenting his weight loss journey to his fans and they’re very impressed each time they see a new photo of him and these photos shared by Kyuhyun are creating a huge buzz.

On January 25, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun shared a post with a couple of photos with Shindong who came to support his ongoing musical “The Man Who Laughs,” fans were surprised to see how much more weight Shindong has lost.

In the caption of the post, Kyuhyun wished fans a happy New Year adding,

“I’m with Shindong hyung whose weight is nearing my weight.”

Shindong original weight before he started his weight loss journey was 116 KG (255.7 lb), and in near end 2019, he reached 99 KG (218.2 lb) and has been serving as an inspiration to lots of his fans.

Fans can tell that Shindong has lost so much more weight, he looks almost unrecognizable, he’s wearing a wine-colored coat flashing a beautiful smile to the camera. Fans are happy to see his transformation and wish that he’s losing weight healthily.

Check out the post:

Are you happy about Shindong’s weight loss?


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