Song Hye Kyo Is Actually Receiving Hate From K-Netizens For Posting A Photo Of Her Dog


Actress Song Hye Kyo continues to receive unnecessary hate for being herself and existing, basically!

Ever since Song Hye Kyo got a divorce from Song Joong Ki, K-Netizens perception of her changed and it didn’t really improve, now with every update she puts out, she’s usually criticized or gets hate.

Song Hye Kyo even turned off the comment section on all her Instagram posts and has also turned off the ability for people to tag her in posts on Instagram as well; she hasn’t enabled them back yet.

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On January 24, Song Hye Kyo posted a photo of her dog to her Instagram stories, however, some of the articles covering this story were littered with negative comments, here are some of the comments of one of the top articles trending on Naver,

“Continue to live alone.”

“Nothing special.”

“She’s just a bubble”

“I don’t want to see Song Hye Kyo articles.”

The like to dislike ratio on the article was also divisive, there were some comments praising her and other comments protecting her from hate but most of them got buried by the bad comments.

International fans can’t understand why Song Hye Kyo continues to receive hate for not doing anything. She’s not the first actress to get a divorce but netizens continue to bring up her divorce in every article.

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What do you think of this situation?


  1. Song hye-kyo: you are a beautiful, elegant, talented, sophisticated and very wise person. Remember who you are and do not let the haters bring you down. Pick your head and stand strong. Stay focused and strong. God is Good. You will meet a wonderful man who will love and cherish you like you deserve. All the best!

  2. It’s a picture of her pet. How can a picture like this cause negativity. Recent news related to her ex’s group of good friends makes one wonder more about his possible actions than hers. You see you are the company you keep my mother used to say. These useless comments were written to be ignored. It must be threatening to be a strong independent women. She made her career and life all by herself. Just in my opinion which is of no consequence to anyone but me. I don’t believe this divorce was about her or her actions.

  3. What the fuck is wrong with k netizens why the fuck are they showing her hate with out any proper reason just because she divorced with her ex husband its their choice isn’t it enough to take sulli’s life with their hate now they have gone insane the whole people need a aslym

  4. Those K Netizens who want to make Kyo’s life miserable by attacking her always …they are the unhappy people who are jealous to Kyo’s achievement in her life and that’s the main reason why they want to ruin her ….Kyo’s bravery to face all the obstacles and hardships make those haters and.bashers crazy….


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