SM Confuses Everybody By Celebrating f(x) Victoria Birthday With Special Jewelry Release… She Didn’t Renew Her Contract

Fans don’t know what to make of SM Entertainment’s recent social media post!

When f(x) members’ contracts expired, Victoria personally announced through a letter that she is not renewing with SM and will be managed by her Chinese label Victoria Studio who will act as her main management label.

Back then, SM claimed that they’re still discussing contract renewals with Victoria and that they haven’t reached a conclusion yet. That was months ago. Their announcement confused fans back then because Victoria had clearly stated she’s not renewing.

Well, SM is back to confusing people all over again! On January 31, they revealed a special jewelry release in their stores. Victoria’s “Artist Birthday Necklace” will be available soon.

The only thing is, how can they release a line with her name if she’s not signed with them? Fans expressed their discontent with SM through comments on the post, many are asking if Victoria has re-signed or not.

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[Happy Birthday VICTORIA] 💜 – f(x) 빅토리아 생일을 맞아, ARTIST BIRTHDAY NECKLACE를 SMTOWN &STORE에서 만나 보실 수 있습니다. 😊 ARTIST BIRTHDAY NECKLACE는 2월의 탄생석인 자수정 컬러 크리스탈 스톤으로 포인트를 준 제품입니다. 🌹 – 🔸2월 탄생석 의미 : 성실, 평화 🔸소재 : METAL, CRYSTAL STONE – ✔상품 출시 : 2020. 02. 02 (SUN) ✔출시 매장 : SMTOWN &[email protected] coexartium SMTOWN &[email protected] communication center SMTOWN &[email protected] – 🔸SM 공식 오프라인 매장에서는 ARTIST BIRTHDAY NECKLACE를 매장 오픈 시간부터 당일 한정수량 판매하며, SM 공식 온라인 스토어에서는 02/02 오후 2시부터 당일 예약 판매합니다. 🔸SM 공식 온라인 스토어에서 구입하신 ARTIST BIRTHDAY NECKLACE는 02/28 이후 순차배송 됩니다. – #SMTOWNandSTORE #andSTORE #and #에스엠타운앤드스토어 #앤드스토어 #앤드 #AllaboutYourCeleb #SMTOWN_HBD #870202 #fx #에프엑스 #빅토리아 #VICTORIA #생일축하해요 #빅토리아생일 #HappyBirthday_VICTORIA #ARTIST_BIRTHDAY_NECKLACE

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