Running Man Jeon So Min Scares Fans With Post About How Lonely And Sad She Feels


Running Man’s Jeon So Min recent social media post is gaining attention from fans and many are worried about her.

The beloved actress and Running Man mate took to Instagram to talk about how she feels these days and how loneliness and sadness have taken over her.

Here is the translation of her post:

“To tell the truth, I am really sad right now. I am sure people aren’t really interested, but when someone sees my blank face and asks me if something’s wrong, that might be me being loved.

But the fact that no matter how hard I look through my phone contact list there isn’t a single person that would run over to me when I need them; this means I am not loved. Since when did I become this alone?

I saw a friend of mine shedding tears reading my book. I was more happy and thankful for that than any other expression. I felt that I was understood, she acknowledged my interests, something I’ve longed for for so long.

She was proud of me. She was proud of the stories that people didn’t try to listen to or think highly of.

If you have the time, please open my book. You might be tired, uninterested and annoyed by me expressing my feelings, but I wrote it down in a book. I wonder if you would have come over to give me a hug if you knew this story.

Nah, you would have probably felt the same. That’s just my hope, anticipation, and misunderstanding. An uninteresting story that won’t go far.”

The post worried fans, many wrote her encouraging messages on her post.

What do you think of Jeon So Min’s post? Do you relate to that?


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