Red Velvet Wendy Past Thoughtful Action Comes To Light And Goes Viral

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This clip showing how kind and thoughtful Wendy is in real life is going viral!

Red Velvet fans terribly miss Wendy who’s currently receiving treatment at the hospital following a scary fall at the SBS ‘Gayo Daejun stage. Fans have been sending her encouraging messages on social media wishing her a speedy recovery; they have also been sharing various clips of Wendy while they wait for her to re-join her group activities.

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One particular video clip is going viral recently because it shows how thoughtful and considerate Wendy is in real life. The video clip is old, it’s from a performance at the “Yonsei University: Arakara Festival” back in May of 2019.

Despite wearing a short skirt, Wendy still picked up trash from the stage and put it away, clearing the path ensuring that other members or staff won’t trip over it. Many fans are sharing their thoughts about this viral moment on social media.

Check out the video below:

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We miss you, Wendy, take care!

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