Popular Filipino Kpop Idol Kriesha Chu Shocks With Changed Appearance, Agency Reveals Her Health Isn’t Good

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Filipino Kpop Idol Kriesha Chu recent appearance has sparked a debate among k-netizens, many were shocked by her new appearance and wondered if she had gotten plastic surgery.

On January 15, Kriesha Chu made an appearance at her web drama press conference, her face looked more swollen than usual which prompted some to claim that she might’ve gotten plastic surgery done to her face.

However, Kriesha Chu agency has stepped up to deny the rumors and revealed that her health hasn’t been good, the label says that she went to the public event to promote her project despite her health not being good,

“Kriesha Chu lymph nodes haven’t been well. Her face has been swollen since December of 2019; she’s been getting massages from the hospital and taking medicine every day.”

According to the agency, her lymph nodes were full and thus her face was swollen like that. The agency concluded their statement by explaining that Kriesha Chu feel disheartened by reading the comments as the issue about whether she’s gotten plastic surgery rose on real-time charts.

Fans are now worried about Kriesha Chu wellbeing, they wish her the best.

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