Police Is Now Reportedly Investigating What Happened To Red Velvet Wendy At SBS Gayo Daejun


The 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun was a terrible time for many specifically Red Velvet and their fans, Wendy fell off 2.5 m and sustained injuries in the left side of her body, injuries that will require months of treatment and hospitalization.

At the time, SBS released two apologies, the first was met poorly hence the second was released, they promised to investigate the incident and prevent such thing from ever happening again.

Incidents and injuries at end year festival are sadly common but this is by far one of the worst reported injuries ever because of how SBS could’ve easily prevented it had there been better attention paid to the set, according to Dispatch source which disclosed information about what exactly happened leading up to the fall.

Fans were not pleased with SBS second apology and wanted the company to be investigated for what happened, a particular twitter account has taken it upon themselves to make sure SBS gets properly investigated for this.

Many Red Velvet fans banded together to file a police report and according to the account responsible for reporting their progress on this, the police are currently investigating the matter.

Fans are happy now that an external investigation is being carried out in response to what happened to Wendy.

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