Pledis Entertainment Website has been hacked, again!

Previously, Pledis Entertainment Website got hacked and it was apparent that the hack was done by an avid fan of the disbanded group PRISTIN.

The hacker left many messages expressing their anger about the disbandment of PRISTIN, one of the best rookie groups that suddenly disbanded before getting the chance to shine properly. Pledis fixed the website and everything seemed to have returned to normal, until the hacker stroke again.

About 14 hours ago (as of this writing) the website was hacked yet again. The hacker left messages for PRISTIN, SEVENTEEN, After School, Orange Caramel and other Pledis groups, it’s apparent that the hacker likes Pledis groups but not the agency.

The hacker says they won’t stop and will return again to ruin ‘your shit, just like you did with those groups.’ The hacker talked about how Pledis didn’t stand up to Kyla and all the other PRISTIN members and how they wasted their talent.

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Check out screenshots of the website:

What do you think of the hacker’s messages?


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