MOMOLAND Daisy Is Getting Sued By Her Agency + Claims MLD Prevented Her From Resuming Activities With Her Group And Much More

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MOMOLAND Daisy and her mother are getting sued by MLD Entertainment!

On January 7, MOMOLAND Daisy and her mother sat down for an interview with KBS in which Daisy claimed that the final lineup of MOMOLAND was rigged and that she was offered a spot regardless of her ranking, she also stated that she was charged part of the production cost for the show.

In response to those claims, MLD Entertainment released a statement heavily denying Daisy accusations and announcing they will be taking legal action against her and her mother.

Here is their response:

“Hello, this is MLD Entertainment. This is our agency’s response to the report that was released through KBS today.

  1. We would like to inform you that there was no vote rigging or cheating in the process of selecting members for the Mnet survival program ‘Finding Momoland.’

Finding Momoland was not a regular audition program for the public, but a survival program designed to debut 10 trainees from our company. At that time, the trainees had to recruit 3,000 viewers to make their debut but failed and their plans to debut fell through. Therefore, it is nonsense to say that there was manipulation.

As for Daisy’s inclusion, we terminated the contracts of the eliminated trainees after the program ended but the CEO saw her potential and recommended that she stays as an agency trainee.

2. The production cost payment was included in their contract, which was based on the standard exclusive contract from the Fair Trade Commission. Daisy agreed to this part of the contract as well when she was included in the lineup.”

MLD Entertainment also claims that Daisy’s mother has been threatening the agency since last year, and they believe she is taking malicious action because they didn’t respond to her threats. MLD ended their statement assuring people they had prepared documents to refute Daisy’s claims and that they intend to respond with legal action.

Following MLD Entertainment statement, Daisy came out with more details that are shocking fans. Daisy hasn’t promoted with her group since early 2019, back then, MLD stated that she was suffering health and personal issues and would be taking a break but the group ended up coming back without her.

On January 7 episode of KBS News9, the interview with Daisy and her mother aired, Daisy claims that MLD stopped her from working for more than 8 months even though she expressed her wishes to return to promotions soon, she was told,

“’We think it’s better if you rest.”

When Daisy requested to terminate her contract, she says MLD told her she would have to pay a 1.1 billion Won ($942,866.65 USD) penalty fee for breaching her contract.

MLD representative responded to that claim stating that the company has the right to decide whether or not a member promotes and that they notified her of the penalty because her side requested termination first.

MLD continues to receive backlash from the public for the way they’re handling the matter. You can check out KBS reporting on this issue below:

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