Ku Hye Sun Calls Herself An Attention Seeker And Asks For Fans’ Love, This Is How They Responded

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Ku Hye Sun recent Instagram update is getting a lot of media coverage!

Ku Hye Sun is very active on Instagram and usually updates a couple of times a day with selfies and pictures of her pets. Her recent Instagram post generated mixed reactions from k-netizens.

In a recent selfie, Ku Hye Sun captioned,

“I am an attention seeker, please love meeeee.”

This post generated many reactions from k-netizens, some were kind and left her positive comments telling her how much they care for her while others were a bit harsher, they told her to get psychological treatment because she seems unwell.

Ku Hye Sun has been extremely active on Instagram where she basically ranted about her divorce a couple of times, she revealed many of her troubles with Ahn Jae Hyun and one of her post got her in trouble, she was sued by Oh Yeon Seo for spreading fake rumors. Some people want Ku Hye Sun to stop using social media and to focus on getting help.

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On the other hand, many k-netizens showered her with supportive comments on her post such as,

“We’re always rooting for you.”

“I love you.”

“I’ll always support you.”

“Ku Hye Sun, I love you, really, really. Its okay, don’t worry.”

“We’re always cheering for you, please cheer up~”

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There are many similar comments to that on her post, her fans are trying to cheer her up and protect her from malicious haters.

What do you think of Ku Hye Sun Instagram posts?


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