Korean EXO-Ls Actually Carry Out Their ‘Protest’ To Kick Chen Out Of EXO, How Many Showed Up Again?


Korean EXO-Ls (K EXO-Ls) have carried out their first physical protest in front of SMTOWN’s Coex Atrium on January 19, and photos from the protest are evoking laughter among fandoms.

This particular Korean EXO-L fandom union is the same one who put out a lengthy statement about why they’d like to see Chen be kicked out of EXO, they also threatened they’d begin protests if SM didn’t respond by January 18, which they didn’t, hence the protest actually carried out.

On January 19, a group of Korean EXO-Ls began their protest in front of SMTOWN’s Coex Atrium. At first, about 7 people showed up but later, that number went up a bit. It is still considered low compared to how many k-netizens showed support for their ideas and to the number of people who follow and spread their content as well.

They posted to their official twitter account their rules for the protest and why they plan on continuing until their demands are met. There are many contrasting reactions to their protests.

In a banner they set up in front of the building, they affirmed their opinions on Chen staying a part of EXO,

“In the future we see, there is no Chen. We request the withdrawal of Chen from EXO for tainting the group’s image and breaking fans’ trust.”

On the other hand, many EXO-Ls from around the globe continue to dissociate themselves from that particular EXO-L fandom. They have been planning hashtags and events to show their support for Chen and they’re demanding SM take strict legal action against defamatory comments as well as the spreading of malicious fake rumors to taint Chen’s reputation.

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SM has not issued a response to either side as of this writing. Stay tuned for updates!

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What do you think of their protest?

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3 thoughts on “Korean EXO-Ls Actually Carry Out Their ‘Protest’ To Kick Chen Out Of EXO, How Many Showed Up Again?”

  1. #Chenstays #SupportChen #ChenExoForever

    Some fans are getting out of control. The man is a human being and therefore entitled to fall in love and have a happy life while continuing to entertain those of us who don’t care if he gets married. I fully support Chen and his decision to have a family. This is no way makes him unable to continue his career.

  2. We want all of EXO to have a “happy ever after”. Congratulations to Chen and his Woman. Congratulations on their exciting news! Blessing to the new family! Everyone needs to get a life if you can’t be joyous at such wonderful news. I often see K-Drama and K-Pop stars and think their lives are so limited & lonely. I also think its manly of him to take responsibility & make a life for his family & himself. If something bad had happened to him would these same “Debbie Downer” fans stand around and whine & cry about the sad thing that happened to him? How could they not cheer for these wonderful events that he has going on in his life? Quit being “Debbie Downers” and cheer for Chen. It is so nice to see one star get a “happy ever after” story. Blessings!


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