Korean Child Actress Under Fire For Abusing Her Cat Repeatedly On Video While Unboxing Gifts BTS Jimin Sent

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Korean Child Actress Koo Sa Rang and her parents are under fire for their most recent video.

On January 16, Koo Sa Rang posted a video opening a box of gifts sent by BTS Jimin whom she met at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Festival. BTS Jimin sent her gifts for her birthday on December 31st.

Koo Sa Rang’s actions while unboxing became the subject of attention (mind you this has nothing to do with Jimin). During the video, the cat shows interest in the box and tries to get inside it, Koo Sa Rang pushed, threw and hit the cat multiple times, netizens were furious with the way she treated her cat and with how her parents were okay seeing their child treat the cat like that. What’s even more shocking was that the video was posted and Koo Sa Rang’s parents carried on filming despite what she had done to the cat, it’s currently the top trending news in South Korea.

Due to immense backlash, Koo Sa Rang’s mother removed the video from all their social media platforms and posted an apology to twitter, she said,

“Hello, this is Koo Sa Rang’s mother.

First I am extremely sorry. I wasn’t able to reply to everyone, so I am writing this post. Koo Sa Rang is reflecting on her words and behaviors. We will do our best to be careful from now on. Sa Rang has apologized to the cat and promised to be more careful from now and treat the cat with love.

As parents, we should’ve taught her better, we’re reflecting ourselves for not having done so. Once again, I apologize for causing concern to many people.”

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In another apology, the mother apologized again saying that Koo Sa Rang was hyperactive because she was happy and showed actions, unlike her real self. She says her daughter is crying a lot and reflecting on her actions.

Reactions to this have been mixed, some think the parents should better teach their kid how to be around pets, while others think this is being blown out of proportion.

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What do you think of this controversy?

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