K-Netizens Shower HyunA And Dawn With Positive Comments After Their Recent Sweet Posts

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K-Netizens are becoming big fans of HyunA and Dawn public show of affection.

The couple is known for posting selfies with each other and much more to their social media accounts, it’s extremely rare to find idol couples ever doing that publicly which makes even more special and newsworthy to Korean news outlets.

However, usually dating news isn’t well perceived by Korean fans and so was the case when HyunA and Dawn first confirmed their relationship. But the couple was able to change people’s perception of them as time went by, now there are many k-netizens who are rooting for the couple.

HyunA and Dawn recently posted photos sharing a sweet kiss; both posted the same photos to their social media accounts. Korean news outlets who covered the story were met with positive responses.

Here is the translation of some comments from one of the most popular articles on Naver that covered their recent social media post:

“A pretty love that suits them, what a nice couple.”

“With these days celebrities kakaotalk getting exposed (referring to Joo Jin Moo phone getting leaked), HyunA and Dawn look so beautiful.”

“Who’s taking those pictures? ㅋㅋㅋis it PSY?”

“I think they’re a good match for each other. It must be fun to have a bright girlfriend like HyunA..”

“I think they’re pure in the entertainment industry, especially HyunA.”

and much more.

Check out their recent posts below:


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Are you a fan of the couple?

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