IU Shocks Fans By How Little Rest She Got In 2019


The shocking little rest time IU has gotten in 2019 is making headlines!

Beloved Singer-actress IU recently made a guest appearance on January 7 broadcast of MBC FM’s “Kim Eana’s Night Letter” and her comments during the show attracted lots of attention.

Kim Eana previously became friends with IU when they worked on some of her biggest hits including “You and I” and “Good Day.” She had previously promised her to make an appearance on her radio show.

During the show, she was asked about how 2019 has been, she said,

“Now that I’ve finished my tour, 2019 was really great.

I really didn’t have a day off. Looking at my calendar, I had a week off. It was a really busy year.

My body is a little tired, but I’m fine and I feel good that the tour is over so I am happy.”

IU was extremely busy in 2019; she starred in the hit tvN drama “Hotel Del Luna” and had a very successful comeback that she topped off by touring around Asia.

Fans left many positive comments such as, ‘ I hope she rests more in 2020,’ ‘you worked hard Ji Eun (her real name),’ ‘Only a week a year…Just listening to it made me upset,’ and more.

We hope that IU takes time for herself in 2020.

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