Infamous Trainee Han Seo Hee Admits She Tried To End Her Life Following Goo Hara’s Death

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Trainee Han Seo Hee made some admissions recently that are making headlines everywhere.

During a recent broadcast, Han Seo Hee admitted that she recently tried to end her life and that she was transported to Inha University Hospital as a result.

She talked about a lot of things among them her attitude towards the people around her, she says she cursed at them and even exhibited violent behavior once she was admitted.

Han Seo Hee had previously spoken about Goo Hara and her admiration for her; she was her dear friend who tragically passed away in late 2019 shocking the entire Kpop industry.

Han Seo Hee explained that she had gone to the doctor to seek treatment for her injuries and the doctor recommended she be hospitalized after finding out she was Goo Hara’s late friend.

In a later post, she apologized to the staff and thanked them for keeping the incident a secret,

“To Inha hospital staff who probably didn’t see my broadcast, I am really sorry. I know it might sound as an excuse but I really don’t remember. Why did I act like that? I think I’ve lost my mind. I thank very thankful and sorry that you worried about me without posting anything about it online. I am reflecting on my actions.”

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  1. she just wants attention. she ruined so many lives. we should just stop reading about her. she is a criminal and if she has issues she will not solve them by posting online. I feel no empathy for her after all the bad things she did. she should keep quiet.

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