How YG Managed To Infuriate Everybody With Their Statement Regarding B.I’s Participation In iKON’s Comeback

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YG Entertainment’s most recent post about iKON’s comeback is drawing negative feedback from Korean and international fans for very different reasons.

On January 29, YG Entertainment released a lengthy post explaining that B.I will be credited in iKON’s upcoming album despite his exit in mid-2019.

They started off by revealing that the upcoming mini-album has 5 tracks and will be revealed on February 6. They explained that the album was recorded in early 2019 with the hopes of releasing it in mid-2019. Adding that B.I’s sudden departure postponed the release indefinitely, they explained that they were faced with two options the first was to scrap all the songs they worked hard on which were created by B.I, however, they noted that this option is impossible because it would mean that this would mess up the timing even more and delay a possible iKON comeback even further.

The second suggestion is to exclude all the rap parts of B.I and adjust the melodies by having the members re-record. They noted that this decision complicated the balance and required further editing and recording all over again. In the end, they decided to use both previously explained options.

According to Soompi, YG wrote,

“As the existing tracks were not written by B.I alone and are joint products with YG’s internal producers, and they are songs filled with the iKON members’ efforts and affection during the preparation period, we decided to use them with adjustments. Also encouraging the other members to participate in composition, we added a new song by another member who participated as a composer for the first time through this album.”

YG says they feel apologetic for B.I and the remaining six members and also expressed their apologies towards fans for ‘not managing them well.’ YG promised to not hold back and do their best to invest in iKON ensuring they’re always protected.

The news was met poorly by all sides but for drastically different reasons. Starting with Korean netizens, many criticized the agency for insisting on using B.I’s compositions despite his ongoing investigation with the police. They believe that YG is ruining the group by associating B.I with the rest of iKON members. Not to mention all the comments which criticize YG for ‘protecting’ B.I and including him in iKON’s upcoming album.

International fans reacted negatively to the news but for a very different reason, they interpreted YG’s statement as passing the blame onto B.I when writing this lengthy post explaining why they had to use his compositions despite his exit from the group. They noted that YG terminated their contract with B.I but he was an essential central part of the group that his exit would literally impact them so deeply. They were criticized for not handling the situation with B.I properly.

Fans also didn’t react nicely to the new iKON logo, which is no longer seven dashes but something entirely different. Fans trended the hashtags #STOPBLAMINGHANBIN and #iKONDESERVEBETTER to express their dissatisfaction with the entire situation.

What did you think of YG’s statement?

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  1. I actually thought BI would be returning but sadly he isnt however the rest of iKon want to make music and go on and that is fair enough are we gonna scrap evey Big Bang song Seungris on by giving BI credit for his music they are being as fair as they can…however changing their emblem etc is going too far the poor guy did alot for YG to be actacked like this over a minor drug issue is so pathetic it hurts whats wrong with knietz did you forget what a brilliant composser muso he is did you forget yall loved him so much do you really hate him so much for such a small thing he left his YG family to protect them and YG knows this how much more do ya all need….. he shouldnt have left iKon oh wait this is the public who are actacking Chen for marrying the mother of his child you all need Jesus

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