Why Korean EXO Fans Plan To Install Billboard Demanding Chen’s Removal From EXO Failed Miserably

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Korean EXO Fans union, EXO-L ACE decided it’s a good idea to install an electric billboard to demand Chen’s removal from EXO.

This is the same fan union that had protested in front of the SM Coex Artium in Seoul earlier this month, about 30 EXO fans showed up for the event that lasted a couple of hours.

But doing a physical protest was not the end of it, they had demanded that SM responds to their demands by January 18, which they didn’t, they promised to keep doing all sorts of things until their requests are fulfilled.

So on January 28, they installed an electric billboard at the SM Coex Artium demanding Chen’s departure from the group. The note reads,

“EXO are promoting with energy as the best idols, and rumors and speculations that don’t suit their image are being spread through headlines and negatively affecting EXO brand image.”


The billboard also goes on to claim that 96% of Chinese fans want him out, something that hasn’t been proven.

The billboard originally stated that it will run until January 31st. It seems that the plans have been interrupted by something that can only be described as karma.

Other Korean EXO-Ls figured out that the truck is parked illegally and called the police on that notion. The truck was removed soon after that. It’s been reported that the truck could still roam around the block of the SM Artium but fans who waited an hour to see if the truck will show up didn’t see it.

International EXO-Ls are baffled by the union demands. Chen announced his marriage news earlier in 2020 and revealed that he will become a father. However, the news was met with mixed emotions by Korean EXO-Ls and it resulted in some of them opposing Chen’s position in the group. Some of them are trying to force him out because he’s ‘ruining the group’s image.’

what are your thoughts on this?

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