Female Idols Who Remain Insanely Popular Despite Debuting More Than 10 Years Ago

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The Kpop industry is a fast moving industry and it’s very easy to fall out of popularity and get replaced, this is one of the reasons why idols work extra hard to stay on top and stay relevant.

What some label ‘relevancy-life’ for idols is short and many industry professionals estimate that girl groups have it worse than boy groups and usually fall out of popularity sooner.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the female idols who remain insanely popular when more than 10 years have passed following their debut.



IU is not only considered one of the best female soloists in the Kpop industry but she also dominates in the acting department as well. Despite her humble debut as a singer, she rose in popularity after her hit song and has continuously released a hit after a hit.

Her most recent drama was a huge success, both nationally and internationally. And her recent comeback as a singer was a smashing success.



Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is another insanely popular and well-respected female idol. She enjoyed great popularity as a part of Girls’ Generation and found huge success as a soloist.

Her songs always chart well and she is considered alongside IU, one of the best female vocalists of this generation.



YoonA is another Girls’ Generation member who continues to enjoy great popularity but she chose to focus on her acting career instead. She’s a huge success as an actress and has appeared in many dramas and movies to establish her name as a reputable actress shedding her idol image.

She is also considered a CF queen who is one of the highest-paid female idols. She’s always picked as one of the prettiest idols consistently by industry experts, the public and idols themselves.



Suzy is another popular idol-actress who continues to enjoy great popularity; she has not fallen out of relevancy and has found great success as an actress.

Her most recent blockbuster drama “Vagabond” was a great success domestically and internationally. She is considered another CF queen who is one of the highest-paid female idols in the game.

Her recent film “Ashfall” also found huge success; it has recently surpassed 8 million moviegoers.

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Sunmi debuted as part of one of the biggest second-generation female groups in the past decade and is currently leading the game as one of the top female soloists in the industry.

She releases hit after hit that tops Korean and international charts. Among Taeyeon and IU, she is considered one of the top female soloists in the industry.

Is there any female idol who you’d like to add to the list?

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  1. YOONA and GDRAGON have not been active in the kpop industry for the past last years, but THEIR HUGE POPULARITY IS STILL SO HUGE AND RELEVANT. Yoona and Gd are the faces of their groups, even the press affirmed it. Yoona and Gd are the Most Awarded solo Artists of SM&YG (based on legal and real awards). Yoona and Gd are the only members of their groups recognized by Asia & Global Forbes as the most influential, most popular, most talented, greatest, most powerful, richest and most successful members of their groups who can change the World.
    Yoona and Gd are also known as “The Hand of Midas” because everything they touch turns gold.
    Also, 2019-2020:
    Yoona and GD are # 1 and # 2 as the Most Searched korean artists by the largest network in Asia, Baidu.
    Yoona and GD, Both chosen as the ONEs members (most popular members) of their groups OF ALL TIMES by the largest network in the world, Google.
    Yoona and GD, Both chosen as the Most Popular Members of their groups by General Public, international media.
    Yoona and GD, They are the only members of their groups that still have fandom in Russia.
    ○ Bonus: Yoona still is the only korean celebrity, k-actor and kpop artist who received around 1 billion messages in less than 1 day in the history of the kpop and the history of all korea. why? the general public know her, love her, respect her and admire her. She is very popular in kpop industry but she is also very popular in film industry, beauty industry, fashion industry, variety show industry, and etc. industries (she is a genius and multitalented artist). and she is even popular among the philanthropists and activists, so YOONA IS THE MOST POPULAR MEMBER OF SNSD SINCE HER DEBUT UNTIL TODAY. EVEN YOONA HAS BECOME THE FACE OF KOREA too! currently Yoona is promoting south korea tourism globally, the number of tourists increased highly since she started promoting South Korea even broking a new record.
    Imagine if Yoona and Gdragon were active in the kpop industry again, their popularity and influence would be even greater. they are awesome artists! so multitalented!!

  2. To the comment above, Taeyeon was voted the 1st as the member of GG that Knetizen wants to date and marry, Tiffany was 2nd. Taeyeon is equally known and popular as compared to YoonA. She also become the most followed GG member in Instagram, shows that she is also a global star.

    The only thing that held her back from becoming as famous as YoonA level is acting, cause she loved singing more than anything. If she did, she can be as famous. For now, she’s famous for her singing talent and we will respect that.

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