Did You Know Big Hit Has A Vocal Trio? Guess What? They’re Coming Back With The help Of Bang Si Hyuk


Some ARMY might even be aware of this, but Big Hit has a co-ed trio that’s called 8eight.

The veteran vocal trio has been around for a very long time before BTS was formed. It was there when Big hit started out. The group has three members, Lee Hyun, Baekchan, and Joohee.

8eight will release a new single on February 7, and it will be their first time working together in a long time. It’s been reported that they’re set to appear on various music and variety shows to promote their single.

The news gets better; the trio upcoming single is a collaborative work with Bang Si Hyuk, the head of Big hit. This will be their second time working together since their famous first collaboration song “Without A Heart.”

Are you excited about upcoming music from another Big hit group?

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