Details About The Meeting That Decided X1 Disbandment Released By Dispatch, Fans Heartbroken


Korean media outlet Dispatch recent detailed report has attracted mixed responses from fans!

Dispatch has released a detailed report about the meeting that led to the decision of X1 disbandment. Dispatch explained that they had obtained information about how the voting process that led to X1’s disbandment happened.

According to Dispatch, representatives of the X1 members’ agencies met at the CJ ENM Center in Seoul on January 6 at 4 p.m. KST to decide on the fate of X1.

The following representatives attended the meeting:

Cho Yoo Myung, the CEO of X1’s management agency Swing Entertainment, Play M Entertainment (Han Seung Woo), Yuehua Entertainment (Cho Seung Youn), TOP Media (Kim Woo Seok), OUI Entertainment (Kim Yo Han), MBK Entertainment (Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon), Woollim Entertainment (Cha Jun Ho), DSP Media (Son Dong Pyo), Brand New Entertainment (Lee Eun Sang), and Starship Entertainment (Kang Min Hee and Song Hyeong Jun).

The meeting that discussed whether X1 should continue or disband took approx. an hour. An anonymous vote was conducted by the nine agencies; they had agreed to carry on with promotions only if all nine agencies unanimously voted in favor of it which meant that even if one agency objects, X1 would disband.

The voting process took 10 minutes and the majority of agencies agreed to announce X1 disbandment as soon as possible.  4 agencies voted for ‘Yes’, 4 voted for ‘No’, and one vote was ‘Undecided’.

The CJ ENM executives left the room during the vote and returned soon after to hear their decision. Everyone had also agreed that they remain in the room while CJ ENM prepares the official press release to prevent the news from leaking.

Now comes the part of Dispatch report that really infuriated X1 fans. According to Dispatch, a representative of CJ ENM had reportedly suggested that X1 members join the meeting to voice their opinions because he was called by one of X1 members last night, but several agencies opposed the idea stating that they had discussed the issue with the members before coming to the meeting.

Finally, at 6:15 p.m. KST, the voting results were revealed and it took about half an hour to announce the official news of X1 disbandment.

The second thing that infuriated X1 fans was the agency’s opposition to another suggestion by Cho Yoo Myung, he suggested that X1 release one final song they had already recorded for this winter as a goodbye song, several agencies were against that idea.

When another agency representative reportedly suggested X1 films the last goodbye video, the idea was also not with unanimous approval.

What do you think of Dispatch report?


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