BTS V Sends Prayers For Those Affected By Taal Volcano Disaster In The Philippines

BTS V is one of the many celebrities who spoke about what’s going with the Taal Volcano disaster happening in the Philippines.

One ARMY posted about the disaster on Weverse asking the fandom to pray for the country and everyone affected by the natural disaster. ARMY have been organizing donations on twitter to help the people affected by it, BTS V saw that ARMY post on Weverse and left a response to the fan, he said,

“My heart hurts these days, a lot. I sincerely wish that no one gets hurt and that nature stops hurting people. Really….”

The volcano began spewing up massive amounts of ash on Sunday. The government has declared “complete evacuation” of the millions of people living in the surrounding affected area. And since the volcano was given an alert rating of 4 out of 5, it means that it might erupt and throw magma in the coming days.

We are praying for the Philippines, stay safe everyone!

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