BTS V Goes Viral Among Non-Kpop Fans As ‘The Guy On The Right Of Ariana’ Following Ariana’s Photo

Guess who has gone viral among the locals recently? It’s none other than the BTS V.

Yesterday, Ariana Grande posted a photo that nearly broke the internet; she bumped into BTS while practicing for her Grammys performance. The photo went viral, fans couldn’t stop gushing about the photo and how cute they looked together.

Since Ariana has so many fans who aren’t Kpop fans many began wondering who the guy on her right was, soon, Taehyung name began trending in many countries around the world, soon V became known as the “guy on the right in white t-shirt,” various variations of the ‘guy on the right’ popped up everywhere, ARMY welcomed new fans and helped explain a bit about V.

If you type ‘the guy’ in twitter search bar, you’ll see many discussing V.

Many ARMY can’t help but talk about the power of V and how he always brings in new fans to the fandom.

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