BTS V Becomes A Trending Topic As Soon As He Posts Photos Of Himself Riding The Subway

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BTS V is trending again in many countries around the world and it’s because of something that’s making fans happy.

BTS V is an A-list celebrity, a celebrity that is recognized everywhere especially in South Korea which makes it harder for him to roam around or have a normal life without the media or fans’ eyes on him, this is why it’s also very rare to spot celebrities riding the subway. However, that was just what V did.

BTS V posted on Weverse about his Subway ride, he excitingly shared two photos, one of himself wearing a mask posing with his subway card and another one of himself without a mask in a subway cart.

BTS V clearly enjoyed his subway ride because he captioned the two photos with,

“It was so good.”

Shortly after posting about this, Taehyung, BTS V real name, began trending on twitter in various countries; he also shot to the top of trending keywords in Korea and Weibo.

Check out the photos below:

Some fans think that BTS V might’ve also gotten the chance to ride the subway cartsdecorated in celebration of his birthday, a gift from his fans late last year.

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Regardless, we’re happy that BTS V enjoyed his subway ride normally. We certainly believe whoever sat next to him was one lucky person.

Fans expressed how happy they were to see BTS V enjoy his time as Taehyung:


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