BTS Jungkook Will Not Be Indicted By The Prosecution For His Car Accident

What could be the final update on BTS Jungkook car accident is here!

On January 23, news outlet The Fact reported on great news, the prosecution has decided not to indict BTS’s Jungkook for his involvement in a car accident.

The Fact reported that the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office has decided not to indict Jungkook who was previously booked without detention for violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents.

When reached out for a comment, a source from the prosecution refused to specify the reasons but confirmed that the decision was made by the Prosecution’s Civic Committee. This particular Committee is set up at each prosecutor’s office and it allows ordinary citizens to decide on issues based on a majority vote.

This has been an ongoing case since October of 2019 when it was revealed that Jungkook caused a minor collision with a taxi in the neighborhood of Hannam in Yongsan District. Bighit released a statement confirming that Jungkook admitting to having caused the accident and revealed that they have already reached an amicable settlement with the taxi driver.

In December of 2019, Jungkook was forwarded to the prosecution with a recommendation for indictment. ARMYs are happy to hear that the case is finally closing.

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