Rich Boy BTS Jin Has Reportedly Purchased His Second Luxury Apartment Worth Over 3 Million Dollars


Worldwide handsome aka BTS Jin is reported to have purchased his second luxury apartment in the luxurious Hannam THE HILL.

According to a recent report by Biz Hankook, the beloved BTS member purchased this residence last October, it is said to be very luxurious and huge, around 2,200 square feet) and sold for 4.28 Billion won ($3.7 million). He has reportedly bought it for his parents.

Back in November of 2018, it was also reported that Jin had purchased an individual apartment residence at Hannam The ill. He paid 1.9 billion won ($1.7 million), in cash fully without taking out a loan for it.

Hannam The Hill is considered one of the most expensive apartments in Korea, it’s home to many other Korean celebrities and politicians.

Many other BTS members have also bought their own apartments, Korean don’t only buy apartments to use them but also because they’re a good investment for the future.

In related news, BTS recently announced their plans for a comeback on February 21st, they began teasing fans and dropped their comeback trailer “Shadow” by Suga.Check it out below:

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Rich Boy BTS Jin is one kind-hearted man indeed, his parents are lucky to have him!


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