BTS Jimin Self-Composed Track “Promise” Surpasses A Staggering 200 Million Streams On SoundCloud


BTS Jimin Self-Composed Track “Promise” has reached a new goal and fans are celebrating it!

On January 27, around 09:30 KST, “Promise” surpassed the 200 million streams on SoundCloud. The song was released on December 31st in 2018; this record makes it the most streamed song by any Korean artist in all of SoundCloud history and one of the five most-streamed songs of all-time on the platform as well.

“Promise” has broken so many records in the past including the highest number of streams in the first 24 hours after its release, it continues to break records more than 2 years after its release.

Fans are celebrating the song reaching a huge milestone and have trended hashtags in English and Korean for the occasion. #PromisebyJimin200M is the top trending hashtag worldwide on twitter.

Congratulations to BTS’s Jimin!


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