BIGBANG T.O.P Response To A Netizen Who Told Him To Not Make More Mistakes Will Surprise You

BIGBANG T.O.P has been relatively off the radar ever since he was discharged from the military back in 2019, since then, he only communicated with fans through Instagram, he hasn’t returned to his idol life yet.

BIGBANG T.O.P continues to receive criticism for his past marijuana controversy that happened during his military service from k-netizens, and one concerned netizen pointed that out in a recent Instagram comment, fans were surprised when they found out T.O.P responded to that netizen.

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T.O.P had recently posted photos of American artist John Baldessari to his Instagram, one netizen commented,

“You need to live a better life. You can’t make more mistakes.”

The harsh comment was written by a k-netizen, T.O.P actually responded to that comment but not in the way his fans expected, he replied with,

“Agreed [in English]”

Fans didn’t expect T.O.P to be this kind when responding to that netizen comment which could be described as rude and invasive, but it could also be from a VIP who loves T.O.P and doesn’t want to see him get criticized by k-netizens anymore. T.O.P had previously responded to another netizen who told him to not come back to the entertainment industry, however, his response triggered questions, he said that he doesn’t want to either,

“Yes! God! [Referring to the fan, as if in mocking tone] I don’t have any thoughts of returning. Just see animal pictures.”

But we now know that won’t be the case because BIGBANG recently joined the lineup to one of the biggest American music festivals, Coachella.

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