Ariana Grande Talks About Her Reaction To Seeing BTS Rehearse And Its Relatable AF

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Singer Ariana Grande talked about getting to watch BTS rehearse at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Ariana Grande had previously posted a photo back-stage with BTS, she ran into them while they were rehearsing for their bit. Ariana Grande is known for being active on twitter and for interacting with fans often.

On January 27, a fan shared a clip of BTS interview in which they discuss Ariana Grande and how much they’d love collaborating with her in the future. BTS described her performance as ‘the greatest’ and ‘amazing.’

Ariana Grande responded to the tweet, she wrote,

“honestly…… i was able to watch them rehearse for something and it was the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen. i’m not kidding. i was screaming. i couldn’t stop talking about it / still can’t.”

If that isn’t relatable, we don’t know what is. Glad Ariana Grande got to enjoy BTS rehearsal.

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Would you like to see them collaborate?

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