After Receiving Backlash Over Her Comment On A Fan Post, Gong Hyo Jin Apologized And Explained Herself

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Gong Hyo Jin has stepped up to put rumors to rest and explain her situation!

A day ago, Gong Hyo Jin received backlash for her comment on a fan account post. The account shared an old clip of one of her dramas; Gong Hyo Jin asked the fan to stop posting clips of her old dramas. The comment sparked a debate online with people reacting differently to her comments; some found her rude and inappropriate while others thought she had the right to tell fans not to post clips of her dramas.

Gong Hyo Jin has since stepped up with an Instagram post explaining her comment and apologizing for possibly offending anyone with it, she shared an audio clip of Solid’s “Don’t Be Mad Anymore” and captioned,

“I didn’t leave that comment with that kind of intention, but I am sorry to the account owner and all the people who were hurt by it.

First of all, every project to me is precious and every person who likes such projects is precious. I just felt embarrassed about my lacking acting skills from long ago.

I hope there aren’t any more misunderstandings regarding this. Don’t be mad anymore, please.”

In response to that post, the fan account which received the comment replied to Gong Hyo Jin and apologized for making her the center of attention unintentionally, the fan also apologized for having potentially hurt her with their post. The fan also explained that they understood her without any misunderstandings and also apologized for causing controversy and concern on their account.

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Do you think the controversy was appropriate?

My Personal Thoughts

I am not gonna lie, I didn’t like the way Gong Hyo Jin left that comment at first, I couldn’t understand why we had to listen to her and delete clips we share about her dramas as fans if they’re not offensive or harmful in any nature, especially since the clip shared was readily available on the internet, there was nothing wrong with it.

It came off slightly bossy on her side, unintentionally, and I think many saw it that way especially since the clip is just average.

However, I think people are blowing this out of proportion. It might be because it’s a slow news week so they need more material, her comment was the top trending news on Naver and I think she felt the need to explain herself.

I think netizens also took it too far because actors almost never comment on these types of things. To some of you, it’s ridiculous that its news but idols or actors in South Korea rarely comment in a ‘bossy manner’ on a fan post, they might reply back to a hater comment with a witty watered-down response but it’s never in this format. Still, people shouldn’t take this too far. It’s not that deep. Chill..

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