After Getting Nonstop Sexually Harassing Comment, Singer Park Jimin Issues This Savage Response

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Singer Park Jimin has had enough and wanted to say this to the malicious commenters who keep leaving sexually harassing comments about her body.

The beloved singer uploaded photos to her Instagram on January 12 with the caption,

“Don’t care what shape, just love the way u are.”

However, people continued to send her sexually harassing messages about her picture, she responded back to a netizen who said, ‘your xx grew a lot,’ she said,

‘shut up you b****” he replied back with ‘no, you shut up you b****”

Park Jimin later uploaded a longer message to her Instagram stories, she said,

“Now that I have replied to you a couple of times, do you think we’re friends? Get a grip. If you’re older than me, then you’re really hopeless. If you’re younger than me, I think you’re the one that needs to grow. It was hard dealing with you. Piss off.”

Park Jimin also promised to take strict legal action, she says she will report anyone who compares her to fruit or ask her to ‘do it’ with them. She says she’s been getting all sorts of DMs asking her if she got plastic surgery.

Park Jimin opened up about her struggles with these sexually harassing comments in the past as well and she had also threatened to report those comments, however, it seems that those malicious commenters are not afraid of getting caught.

What do you think of this situation?

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