Why CJ ENM Infuriated Fans Even More With Their Response To The Remarkable Protests Against X1 Disbandment

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X1 fans are not happy about the disbandment decision and are demanding answers!

On January 22, something remarkable happened, fans of X1 gathered at the front of CJ ENM building to protest their decision to disband X1.

X1 was a group that formed through Mnet’s survival program “Produce X 101.” They debuted in August of 2019 and announced their disbandment on January 6, the agencies of the members announced the disbandment to the shock of many fans. This happened due to the huge controversy surrounding the voting process for all the Produce series.

One fan union that supports X1 carrying on activities as a new group decided to protest in front of CJ ENM building, it is reported that around 1,000 fans took part in the protest.



The fandom demands CJ ENM to take responsibility for the damages X1 members received due to their wrongdoings among three other demands, CJ ENM responded to those protests in a way that angered the fandom even more,

“We think it’s unfortunate that the recent situation led to X1 disbandment following discussions between members’ agencies, and we feel a great responsibility. CJ ENM will actively support X1 members’ future activities.”

The ambiguous response that doesn’t address fans’ demands is making them even angrier. The union stated that they would continue to protest until their demands are met.

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Fans began trending #Shame_on_CJ on twitter to express their anger with CJ ENM response to the press:

What do you think of their response?

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