Wendy Can’t Chew Solid Foods, Joy Says She Was Upset With SBS Apology And More At Recent Red Velvet Fan Signing Event

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The recent updates from Red Velvet are further infuriating fans with SBS.

On December 29, Red Velvet held a fan sign event in celebration of their most recent successful comeback. According to fans who attended the fan signing event, the four girls spoke up about Wendy’s recent injury and their thoughts on SBS apology.

Wendy fell 2.5 m while practicing for her stage at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun. She suffered fractures in her right wrist, right pelvis and her cheekbones, according to Dispatch, it is estimated that it will take months for Wendy to fully recover.

SBS initially released a terrible apology aimed at fans with little regard to Wendy’s well-being; they ended up issuing a second more concise statement apologizing to Wendy, her family, and Red Velvet members.

During the fan signing, the Red Velvet members assured fans that Wendy is doing okay and is focusing on recovery. According to a report by NewDaily, Irene assured fans that Wendy is doing well, Seulgi explained that they will have to split Wendy’s parts between them for the meantime, she asked for fans understanding if their voices crack whilst performing Wendy’s parts since Wendy is the main vocalist of the group.

The members also revealed that Wendy had been sharing the fruits that people sent her, she also worries about them more than herself. Joy revealed that she cannot chew in the meantime, thus she’s only eating food that has been smashed or liquid-based foods. Seulgi had brought her bubble tea, her favorite, but she couldn’t drink it because pearls need to be chewed.

Joy then tearfully talked about how she was angry with SBS apology regarding the incident, she thanked all the fans for supporting them and voicing their concerns regarding Wendy’s incident.

The members also revealed that Wendy’s parents are currently in Korea. And thankfully, despite Wendy’s injuries she still loves to talk, they’re thankful she’s well enough to be her bubbly self.

Seulgi also explained that only the four of them will be touring Japan in January of 2020.

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