Sunmi Snaps Back At Haters Who Continue To Claim She Got A Boob Job

Sunmi has snapped back at haters again!

Sunmi recently fired back at haters who continue to claim she got a boob job. Rumors first started three months ago, when some began claiming she got them done, she shut them down via her twitter.

On December 18, Sunmi took to Instagram to post a screenshot of her name in Naver search portal, the top suggested result is ‘Sunmi boob job,’ she left a response at the bottom of the post,

“I didn’t get a boob jobbbb. I just gained weightttttt. Duh.”

Sunmi had previously touched on her efforts to gain weight ahead of her tour, which was successful. However some netizens, despite knowing well that she simply gained weight, continue to spread misinformation about her.

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