Song Joong Ki And Kim Ji Won Part Ways With Their Agencies, What Will Their Next Move Be?

In one day, we got two updates about hugely popular Korean actors.

On December 17, it was revealed that Kim Ji Won is parting ways with her agency King Kong by Starship, which is considered one of the biggest acting agencies; it houses many other popular actors as well.

Kim Ji Won has been a part of this agency since 2014; she’ll be leaving almost 6 years later. She has led many popular kdramas such as “Fight My Way,” and “Arthdal Chronicles.” The agency revealed that after discussing with her, she had decided not to renew.

Many fans are curious about her next move, it’s been reported that she’s currently reviewing future projects. Thus, Kim Ji Won is now a free agent.

Another “Arthdal Chronicles” cast has also left his label, fans were surprised to learn that Song Joong Ki will be leaving Blossom Entertainment, he’s been a part of this label since February of 2013.

Blossom Entertainment released an official statement to the press announcing that his contract is expiring at the end of December and there were no plans to renew.

Soon, rumors about agency KakaoM signing Song Joong Ki spread, but KakaoM denied the claims calling them groundless.

Many fans are also curious about Song Joong Ki’s next move, they know he won’t have trouble finding a new agency because of his status.

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What do you think of their choices?

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