Producing Directors YG Entertainment Recruited Reportedly All Leaving The Agency


YG Entertainment is reportedly losing three PDs whom they signed to their agency two years ago.

Back in 2017, three PDs, Cho Suh Yoon, Je Young Jae, and Kim Min Jong moved from MBC to YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment had been attempting to get a piece of the variety pie since they are so popular. Cho Suh Yoon was appointed the Executive Managing Director of the Contents Production 2 team at YG, while Je Young Jae and Kim Min Jong worked on programs for broadcasting station JTBC plus others.

However, it seems that YG is set to lose them soon. On December 10, it was announced that Kim Min Jong has moved to KakaoM. On December 12, industry representatives reported that Cho Suh Yoon and Je Young Jae were planning to move to t.cast’s E Channel.

YG Entertainment has been losing many of its talented artists, idols and actors. Many had left the agency in 2019. YG Entertainment has had a difficult 2019 getting wrapped in many controversies including Yang Hyun Suk alleged involvement in many suspicions not to mention the tax evasion investigation they went through.

According to Bridge News, YG Entertainment will likely cut down on variety shows due to losing PDs, but they’re still planning to carry on producing music-related audition programs.

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