Police Explains In Details The Measures Being Taken To Ensure TWICE Safety From The Stalker Threat


We have more great news for ONCE who are seriously worried about TWICE’s safety.

As previously reported, a potential stalker is after Nayeon, the man has been detailing his plans to come back to Seoul in hopes of finding Nayeon and dating her, he is currently in Seoul. The messages exposed by ONCE protection accounts were sent to JYP who in turn responded with strict security measures, they assured fans they’re doing their best to ensure the members’ safety.

The stalker didn’t really like JYP statement and continues to persist that Nayeon is being given ‘fake news’ by JYP about him, he also claimed he plans on suing JYP for some reason.

Recently, the police also released a statement about TWICE’s safety. Commissioner Lee Yong Pyo of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated during a press conference that security measures around TWICE were strengthened. The police patrols around their dorm and agency have been strengthened, they had also registered the members for eligible 112 emergency personal protection, 112 is the emergency hot line in South Korea.

In case there is a concern for physical harm, the police usually open a committee to review the need for personal security and provide measures of protection such as smartwatches and shelter. However, the police stated that TWICE weren’t given smartwatches because they didn’t want them.

Fans can rest assured that TWICE members are being taken care of.

What do you think of this situation?