Park Yoochun Heavily Criticized By Netizens For Holding A Fan Meeting While On Probation


Idol-actor Park Yoochun is under fire after news of his upcoming fan meeting was released.

Park Yoochun is currently under probation for his recent drug scandal. He was charged for purchasing six doses of methamphetamine with his ex-girlfriend Hwang Hana. The way he handled his controversy was considered pretty bad when he later decided to admit to his wrongdoings.

At first, he held a press conference fighting back tears claiming his innocence but then changed his story after the police investigation cornered him. Netizens defended him at first but then heavily criticized him for tricking everybody, his tears and speech were all for show.

Ever since his controversy, he kept a low profile, he was kicked out of his label and JYJ carried on as a duo since then. He had also announced he will be retiring from the entertainment industry which is why he currently remains a free agent.

During such controversies, Korean celebrities are expected to reflect on their actions and take a hiatus but it seems that Park Yoochun decided to go against that.

On December 23, it was revealed that Park Yoochun will be holding a fan meeting at Chaengwattana Hall in Bangkok at 7 PM local time on January 25, price for a ticket can go up to ~$165.7 for a high touch event. Some reports state that a portion of the profits will go to the Loce Asia Project.

When his former agency was contacted to make a statement on the subject, they stated that they haven’t had contact with him after terminating his contract.

Since Park Yoochun is currently on probation, his brazen actions are shocking netizens, many didn’t react positively to articles covering this topic, here are some of their comments,

“He still has fans?”

“Really blatant”

“He’s not even donating all of the profits… just a portion of them… ha hahaha”

“Maybe he wasn’t supposed to live his life quietly.”

“Didn’t you say you’ve retired from being a celebrity? Then what is this fan meeting?”

“He said he was retiring. He’s lying again. His fans are fools.”

And more.

What do you think of their comments? Do you agree with them?

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