One Netizen Told Ku Hye Sun To Stay In Living Hell, Here Is How She Responded

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Ku Hye Sun continues to struggle with hate comments and one recent hate comment is so excessive that even Ku Hye Sun responded to it.

On December 7, Ku Hye Sun posted a couple of selfies to her Instagram account with the caption,

“Good morning, my nephew is sleeping in.”

A very innocent post that doesn’t address her ongoing divorce controversy. Ku Hye Sun has been very active on Instagram despite her ongoing divorce drama with Ahn Jae Hyun. She didn’t mind speaking up about it and most recently even explained the reason behind some of her actions and confirmed that they’re indeed getting a divorce.

But her actions and behaviors during her divorce announcement and ongoing settlement rubbed people the wrong way, many netizens are divided, some support Ku Hye Sun while others support Ahn Jae Hyun. Not to mention the Dispatch report which heavily affected the way netizens viewed her.

While this doesn’t excuse the comment you’re about to read but it does help explain why some k-netizens are so aggressive and continue to attack Ku Hye Sun on social media, the netizen in question left this comment,

“Are you hurt? It’s difficult and painful, isn’t it? Stay in living hell.”

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Ku Hye Sun apparently saw that comment because she responded gracefully to it, twice, she wrote,

“Oh, it’s a hate comment. I forgive you,”


“Be happy.”

Various Korean news outlets covered the subject and it became one of the top trending stories on Naver. Netizens criticized that individual for their hate comment; many don’t agree with such comments and think it’s better to stop concentrating on Ku Hye Sun if others didn’t like her.

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굿모닝. 조카는 늦잠중.

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What do you think of her response?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. I think you are very strong. I get how you dealt with the divorce. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. You keep going! Count the good things and reflect kindly upon the bad as a reference for the future. You are ok in my book K.

  2. Please leave her be. Let us all be respectful of each other. What do you hope to achieve by sending hate comments? No wonder suicide is so common in the Korean entertainment industry. Korea has such a toxic culture. It’s a nice country but I don’t think I would want to live there.

    1. I agree with you. BTS & K-Dramas drew my love for the Korean cultural experience. However, I live BTS’s demeanor, music, and acceptance…but Korean people they seem so violent and hateful. Yet they judge others, and their own harshly. I even began to learn Hangeul, for an upcoming visit, but some of them are so messed up and hateful it is pathetic. I don’t care to go now. I do not agree with their netizens, but this actress is toxic and ruined her husband’s life ( per articles of text messages she harrassed him) so now she reaps what she has sewn. Ahe threw rocks and now wants to hide her hands. She bashes him still in media, but he has not bashed her one time. She hateful and bitter. However, that is their culture to insult each other so oh well.

      1. You are just as bad as the person who left that horrible comment. You don’t know what really happened between them. Yes, she should has resolved it quietly but, she’s human and she decided to publicize her side of the story. Since you were not part of that union, you can’t say what’s true and what’s not. If you don’t like how she has handled things stop following and supporting her and move on with your life.

    2. Yepp i agree with you ! People keep on posting negative thoughts and they didnt realize how their words can kill anyone. Look what they hv done to sulli

  3. People will only stop bashing once she commit what other Korean actors and actresses did to their lives because of depressions due to hate comments and bashes. No wonder why lots of suicides happening in Korea.

      1. I watched when they had their show together she tried t o be his mother telling him wahat to do and not to do. Some people are like that. She just choose the wrong man to be his mom. I don’t agree with all the harsh things people. Say to her or the mean things dhe has said to her EX. Just move on and leave him alone.

  4. I really dislike women like her. She tried to destroy her husband’s name. If her claims hadn’t of been investigated , she would have succeeded. Now, since she’s been found out… she’s trying to save her own ass. This type of behavior shouldn’t be excused. I wish the law, could lay charges for the false claims. Keep it classy, young lady AND stay off social media for awhile and get help..

    1. There are many Anti-Defamation laws in SK, that’s the reason why many Netizens were wondering why if she was lying there was no lawsuits? The company the actress she accused her husband of having an affair with threatened to sue her but went quiet after she claimed to have proof and that she will presenting them in court.

  5. I want her to close down her comments as a lot of others are doing now.

    Some of these people just don’t know when to stop or understand the respect of interacting with another person. Turn off your comments and continue posting your pictures.

  6. Really ? An article to this woman for 1 hateful comment … how many articles did you make to AJH to denounce the more than 7000 hateful comment that he had only in one IG´s post? the more than 100,000 messages of hate he had for this woman’s campaign towards him? Ridiculous that you want to clean the image of this horrible woman without feelings.

    1. I watched when they had their show together she tried t o be his mother telling him wahat to do and not to do. Some people are like that. She just choose the wrong
      man to be his mom. I don’t agree with all the harsh things people. Say to her or the mean things dhe has said to her EX. Just move on and leave him alone.

    1. I don’t think,this our place to talk about their private life .we don’t know what actually happened but both of then are facing hatered from people and facing difficulties it would be better to support both of them or just stay quiet.I am not taking anyone’s side just saying what,I think about their situation.

  7. From the beginning of their marriage I kind of noticed she was a bit weird…weird as in she does things that make her stand out (look good) anyways when the whole divorce thing started I was on Jaehyun’s side (I been supporting him for a long time) and the amount of hate he got was …. let’s just say it was a lot…and Hye Sun got so much support at the beginning. It’s interesting to see the people who said so many hurtful things to Jaehyun are now gone, they’re attacking Hye Sun now….idk it just surprises me…I think the k-netizens just see this as a game of “who’s going to win”.

  8. Be yourself don’t talk toxic people behavier seriously you are pretty and kind person and I knew people start blaming you but it’s not you the one who did wrong in this just be strong and good luck I hope hate comments stop spreading I’m not ahn fan but people only blaming you for one mistake you mad but even ahn wornged for this

  9. I’m in her corner all the way. Her acting has always impressed me more than his. He was the one who left her, not the other way around, and it takes time to recover from a marriage splitting up. I was divorced ten years ago and only recently have I been able to truly forgive my ex for his cheating when I realized I was only hurting myself by holding onto bitterness. Bottom line: judge not lest ye be judged too. I have total confidence that Gu Hye Sun will recover 100 percent.

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