Ku Hye Sun continues to struggle with hate comments and one recent hate comment is so excessive that even Ku Hye Sun responded to it.

On December 7, Ku Hye Sun posted a couple of selfies to her Instagram account with the caption,

“Good morning, my nephew is sleeping in.”

A very innocent post that doesn’t address her ongoing divorce controversy. Ku Hye Sun has been very active on Instagram despite her ongoing divorce drama with Ahn Jae Hyun. She didn’t mind speaking up about it and most recently even explained the reason behind some of her actions and confirmed that they’re indeed getting a divorce.

But her actions and behaviors during her divorce announcement and ongoing settlement rubbed people the wrong way, many netizens are divided, some support Ku Hye Sun while others support Ahn Jae Hyun. Not to mention the Dispatch report which heavily affected the way netizens viewed her.

While this doesn’t excuse the comment you’re about to read but it does help explain why some k-netizens are so aggressive and continue to attack Ku Hye Sun on social media, the netizen in question left this comment,

“Are you hurt? It’s difficult and painful, isn’t it? Stay in living hell.”

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Ku Hye Sun apparently saw that comment because she responded gracefully to it, twice, she wrote,

“Oh, it’s a hate comment. I forgive you,”


“Be happy.”

Various Korean news outlets covered the subject and it became one of the top trending stories on Naver. Netizens criticized that individual for their hate comment; many don’t agree with such comments and think it’s better to stop concentrating on Ku Hye Sun if others didn’t like her.

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