Niall Horan Admits His Guilty Pleasure In Music Is BLACKPINK


In a recent interview, Niall Horan answered a question about his guilty pleasure in music and he picked none other than BLACKPINK.

He explained that his guilty pleasure is BLACKPINK music and despite the fact that he can’t understand them, he still likes listening to them. BLACKPINK fans were screaming about how cute he is, he even sang the part, “BLACKPINK in your area!”

This isn’t the first time Niall Horan spoke about how much he likes the group, he previously answered a fan question about a possible collaboration with the group saying he really likes them. He also tweeted about BLACKPINK April comeback song earlier this year.

Niall Horan also follows all of BLACKPINK members’ individual Instagram accounts. Fans would love to see them interact more with each other, some are even hoping for a collaboration in the near future.

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Would you like them to collaborate?


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